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About Me

Dr Sarah Hadfield

I have over 20 years of clinical experience as a medical doctor, mostly in General Practice.  I am passionate about working with physical, emotional and mental health together, as a whole person approach.


Since 2010, I have been researching and training in various psychological approaches in my search to understand how our inner subjective experiences, our thoughts and feelings, affect health and wellbeing.  


My medical training had taught me so much about the body from an outside-in, objective point of view but it wasn’t until I started to comprehend how the body is experienced from the inside-out that I began to see how the mind and body are deeply connected and how profoundly this connection influences all aspects of physical and mental health.

I now work from a truly holistic perspective, recognising that the mind and the body are of equal importance and naturally inclined towards balance, healing and meaningful connection with others and the world around us.

My approach

Working from a whole person perspective means understanding health in the context of your life experience, recognising places where your mind and body are out of balance and learning techniques that bring your whole system back into equilibrium, allowing natural healing and recovery to take place.


Together we can work on any aspect of your health, be it physical, mental or emotional.

As well as understanding and listening to your concerns, I use a mixture of therapeutic neuroscience education, guided mindfulness and experiential exercises, emotional awareness techniques and other mind body therapies.  The aim is to help you to understand your body and mind from the inside out and empower you to break free from the influence of old habits and difficult thoughts and feelings.

I will help you to meet your inner world with kindness and understanding so that we can find possibilities for change. We can also slowly untangle past experiences that can often be strongly influencing your health in the present moment.

There is now growing evidence that this type of approach can facilitate healing and recovery from many health problems such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel/bladder syndrome, migraines, tension headaches, tendonitis, skin conditions, depression, anxiety and addiction.  Many diagnosed medical conditions can also be managed more effectively when a whole person approach is applied.

To find out more about my training and the processes I use please visit the Processes page.


What people say...

"After over 10 years of anxiety and depression I can say that since my last session I have only had one day where anxiety was a problem. 
I am so thankful for the patience you showed and the tools you shared with me. 
I was at my lowest when we met. I can now breathe. I am human again."



Sarah Hadfield

Based in Higher Clovelly, North Devon, UK


Tel: (+44) 07593 604115

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